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About Made By Earth

The Beginning
Made By Earth began trading in 2006.
Initially, we were a retail business, beginning at various market stalls, then moving on to new age expos, and eventually shopping centres.
Soon after we started, we began importing goods to manufacture some of our products (such as kits and bracelets).
As we travelled to countries to purchase these items, it allowed us to vastly expand our range with imported items, and we started to concentrate more on wholesale trade.

Exhibiting at trade shows and various advertising soon significantly boosted our business and we started to trade from a warehouse in Ferntree Gully, Victoria.
A big surprise to us was that during the coronavirus pandemics, we continued to expand rapidly.
Unable to participate in trade shows, it was word of mouth the drove this growth.
We consider the relationships we have with our customers a big part of who we are, and we endeavour to remain attentive, supportive, and to work with our customers to help them grow.
Having traded in various retail settings over the years has given us a good understanding of some of the different needs in different selling environments, and we are always happy to discuss and impart knowledge we have gained, and make suggestions.

We understand that you want, and more importantly, need, good margins on the items you sell. Value for money is a cornerstone of our business success.
When we purchase stock, we seek the best quality products at the best prices, and try to be aware of items that are fashionable and in hot demand.
Around 70% of our products are ‘staple’ items that most crystal vendors require (such as tumbled stones, bracelets, pendants, carvings, etc) - these items are generally listed on our website, where the 'eye of the beholder' does not play a big role as the items are pretty much the same.
The other 30% of our products tend to be new and exciting items, unique pieces and opportunistic purchases - these items are generally listed on our Facebook Closed Group page.

We spend considerable time when shopping overseas to visit factories, and see first-hand the conditions to ensure what we purchase is being ethically produced.
We purchase from large organisations, and from small family-based operations.
When we are unpacking our shipments, we take care to reuse all packing material (bubble wrap, soft paper, foam, etc).
This not only helps the environment and landfill, but also keeps our costs down.

Shipping & Fees
We do not have a minimum purchase, and we do not offer free shipping.
Free shipping does not exist. Those who offer it incorporate this cost into their prices somewhere along the line.
We try to keep our prices as low as possible and as accurate as possible.
The fairest way to do this is to not include shipping in the goods prices and add to the order after weighing etc.
We always hunt around for the cheapest and fastest options.
Generally, we use Australia Post for up to 5kg and TNT or Couriers Please for heavier or larger size orders.

In trying to keep our prices as low as possible, we keep transaction costs low.
Unfortunately, PayPal charge a much higher rate than the credit card rates – more than double.
To avoid incorporating this cost into our prices, we decided it was fairer to add a 1% surcharge on payments made with PayPal.
This is the only payment option where a surcharge applies. Other payment options are direct bank deposit and credit card payments.
As a wholesale only business, we do not allow retail customers to shop at our warehouse.

Visit Us
Our warehouse is generally open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.
Often we are around at other times, please contact us to enquire.
We look forward to continuing to bring you great products, at great prices, making new friends along the way.

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